Investment consulting

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What is investment advice?

Based on the willingness, and ability to take risks, as well as the objectives and constraints of each of our clients, we will provide them advice to maximize risk-adjusted returns. We work with each client to jointly develop and agree on an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to identify investment goals that are suitable for short, medium and long-term investment periods. .

Amber Capital will advise clients

Regulations, policies and operations of the securities market; Investment policies and trading tactics, including:
- Making and allocating investment capital; types of investment properties and methods of determining property values;
- Investment portfolio management consulting
- Advising on risk management policies during the investment process
- The implementation time, quantity, and price are suitable with the objectives, investment policies and risk tolerance of the client;
- Prepare in-depth investment reports at the request of customers.

Customers need to provide

Information about financial ability
assets, income

Investment objective, type of investment
risk appetite

Experience, knowledge
about investment and investment property

Other information


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