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Investment Funds
Amber Safe Bond Fund
Low-risk investments with sustainable profits. Expected returns can be up to 6.7% per year.
AFM New Energy Investment Fund
The member fund invests in renewable energy, clean energy...
Amber Technology Investment Fund
The member fund focuses on investing in technology, information technology, telecommunications technology, and fintech.
AFM Financial Investment Fund
Member fund invests mainly in high potential listed companies in VN100
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Based on each client’s risk appetite and profit expectations, we will provide advice to limit risks and maximize profits. We work with each client to jointly develop and agree on an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to identify investment goals that are suitable for short, medium and long-term investment periods.
24/7 customer support
Securities investment fund management is the profession of investing in securities. Accordingly, investors entrust capital to Amber Capital to establish a securities investment fund and directly manage and operate this fund for the purpose of investing in the stock market, as well as investing in other assets. other assets for the benefit of investors.
24/7 customer support
Portfolio Management (Investment Trust) is a specialized operation of Amber Capital, whereby investors entrust capital to Amber Capital to make investments and manage assets with the goal of helping customers save money. time and effort while still achieving effective investment, managing their capital well through the use of professional team of Amber Capital
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